General information
Commercial brand name: Karno Interior Design Company

Managing Director: Behrooz Abbasian 

Year of foundation: 2005

Type of company’s production: designing and producing office furniture and partition

Central office address: no2117, Kimia Building, after Shahid Beheshti Street, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran

Phone: 00982188100001

Fax: 00982188553222

Factory address: No.77, 4th San’at Avenue, Enqelab 45 meters Boulevard, Shahr_e_Qods, Karaj old road

Phone: 00982146072828

Fax: 00982146072020


Brief description of the company’s activities

Karno’s productions are produced using the knowledge and technology of the day, and long-standing experience of using modern facilities and devices, and believing in the need to maintain quality and consumer satisfaction. The company has started its activity since 5002 with the production of single-wall and double-glazed partition as well as production of various types of desk, libraries, and office shelving and until now has been able to be in the top manufacturers of Iran. Karno customers’ support promoted the company to develop its products in three modular, classical and modern categories, so that it can meet any types of customers’ tastes with any budget. It should be noted that all three groups of Karno’s products have separate catalogues, 5 year warranty and 1 year after-sale-service.

Domestic and foreign markets

Since the basis of Karno’s production is adjusted according to the customer's requirements, and the current policy of advertising and sales of goods through reputable stores is possible, it has been able to create a supreme position in the domestic market. According to the advancement in production, the company is investigating and recognizing the need for foreign markets in the near future, which undoubtedly will see a wider presence in global markets if the government has a deeper support of private manufacturing units.

Standard and quality improvement

By raising the standard of quality and supervision of the standard organization on imported and manufactured goods, we can provide a healthy and trustworthy market to our customers.

Using the technology of the day

Karno has been able to bring its designs to the market in accordance with the latest methods of designing in the world by employing well-educated, experienced and young designing team.

Managing and Increasing productivity levels

Studying and researching the world’s managing science and applying it to motivating among the personnel and raising the level of quality of work and being different in the production and after-saleservice and ultimately customers satisfaction, which are the main purposes of Karno, have been able to remain a good name among customers from Karno.

The most important success factors

The use of young and expert human force, the use of world’s day technology, the use of high quality materials.