Structural partition is very suitable for the separation of all Indoor spaces and is suitable for fast and flexible operation for office spaces.

All MDF Partitions
Double-glazed partition with 13.2 cm cross-section MDF stroke, which can be constructed and implemented at different heights, as well as the possibility of passing various installations and cables, electricity, telephone and network with easy access. It is possible to install the socket and ... on the partition, and the customer can use the shutter in the space between the two partitions in the glass pane. These parts are easily demountable and displaced by Karno technicians.

Aluminum Partitions
Double-glazed partition with an aluminum alloy strocker An alloy of 6063 anodized silver and a shampoo that has a stroke of the same gender with a 28 x 58 mm cross-section, which runs independently, with a 2 mm thick adhesive back foam Both sides are worn and prevent dust from entering the dust and transmitting sound to the space as much as possible.

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